Time Capsule to My Daughter

Part II

Taylor Ellison
2 min readFeb 6, 2022


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Something tells me I won’t live a long life, but it has been important that I leave hints for my daughter. Medium has been the outlet for me to place my thoughts with the long-term intention of my girl to read these one day, when the time is right and she is mature enough to process the highs and lows I intend to outline throughout this series.

You can only trust what motivates someone.

Never ignore the words leaving a person’s mouth, those are valuable. Actions are, too. The things people don’t saw are more important. However, consider what motivates a person and trust this above all else.

Look at the moon.

When you’re missing someone you love, ask them to look at the moon to find a common place and have a common place in heart. Should the moon be hiding this night, search to see who can find the brightest star, first.

You’re not being aggressive. You’re being assertive.

Should anyone call you ‘aggressive’ for standing up for what you believe or fighting for what’s right, this is your reminder that you’re being assertive. Assertiveness is not to be mistaken with aggressiveness. You have the right to stand up for yourself and you have the right to say “no” without follow up.

“No” is a full sentence.

Returning to your previous time capsule, because you may need the reminder. “No” is a full sentence. Excuses or reasons are not required when giving your response of “no” and if folks are not able to respect your answer, being “yes” or “no,” please re-evaluate their value in your life.

You are valuable. You are worthy.



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