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May 2, Day 122/365

Taylor Ellison
2 min readMay 2, 2022


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The Daily Laws by Robert Greene, Pg. 160

Aggressive, envious and manipulative people don’t usually announce themselves as such. They have learned to appear charming in initial encounters, to use flattery and other means of disarming us. When they surprise us with their ugly behavior, we feel betrayed, angry and helpless. They create constant pressure, knowing that in doing so they overwhelm our minds with their presence, making it doubly hard to think straight or strategize. Your greatest defense against them is to identify them in advance. Either you will steer clear of them or, foreseeing their manipulative actions, you will not be blindsided and thus will be better able to maintain your emotional balance. You will learn to mentally cut them down to size and focus on the glaring weaknesses and insecurities behind all of their bluster. You will not fall for their myth, and this will neutralize the intimidation they depend on. You will scoff at their cover stories and elaborate explanations for their selfish behavior. Your ability to stay calm will infuriate them and often push them into overreaching or making a mistake.

Daily Law: Come to appreciate these encounters as a chance to hone your skills of self-mastery. Outsmarting just one of these types will give you a great deal of confidence that you can handle the worst in human nature.

The Laws of Human Nature, Introduction.



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