Summer Romance, A Review

Taylor Ellison
2 min readNov 24, 2023

Summer Romance by Annabel Monaghan, out June 4, 2024

Ali is in her late-thirties, with three kids, an impending divorce. She’s a professional organizer, yet seemingly struggles to manage her own life when she meets Ethan, an attorney that is visiting for the summer.

This is not your regular love story. It’s second chance, closed door romance filled with humor and inspiring moments. Ali’s ex-husband, Pete, asked for a divorce on the one-year anniversary of Ali’s mother’s death, which tells us a lot about Pete. He’s clueless and really does not seem to care about Ali or their three children- son, Cliffie and daughters, Iris and Greer.

Ethan re-enters Ali’s life and they decide this summer romance will be just that- just for the summer.

Throughout Summer Romance, Ali learns a lot about herself. She learns she is worthy of self-care, she is capable to standing up for herself and that she deserves more than just a summer romance. It becomes clear that Ali does not struggle with managing her own life, but she chooses not to manage her own life- “It’s a lot easier to work through other people’s problems. I think I must be very attached to my own.”

My Opinion
First, I want to thank NetGalley, Penguin Group Putnam and Annabel Monaghan for offering this e-ARC. This is my very first time completing an e-ARC review and I feel honored to be able to provide my feedback on this novel.

Summer Romance is charming, witty and inspiring. I found myself relating to Ali, co-parenting as a single parent and living life in my late-thirties with a deceased parent. It’s nice to read a love story with characters around my same age.

While this story was cute and inspiring, It was missing a bit of spice. I realize Annabel is not a spicy romance writer, but as a romance reader, I prefer a bit of spice in my romance reading. Overall, great book and I would recommend to anyone that enjoys closed-door, second-chance, romcom.

4.5 stars, 0 spice.



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