Lonely for You Only, a Review

Taylor Ellison
2 min readDec 8, 2023
Lonely for You Only, Monica Murphy

Scarlett is an heiress to a billionaire fortune, she is a social media influencer and is having a huge 18th birthday party bash. She hopes daddy hired One Direction to perform at her birthday party, but they were unavailable. Instead, daddy hires Tate, a former boy band member (who seemingly fell off the face of the earth) to perform. The night of the party, Tate and Scarlett share a kiss that goes viral.

The viral kiss sparks rumors of dating, which has been great for the re-start Tate’s career and Scarlett’s following count has more than doubled overnight. This leads to a fake dating relationship where they are both benefitting from the publicity. Over the next six weeks, with forced proximity, Tate and Scarlett realize they have true feelings.

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My Opinion
With a book labeled “erotica,” I expected more than two mild sex scenes. I expected sex in the first few chapters, but they didn’t even have physical contact (aside from kissing) until after the 80% mark. There was so much talk about what was going to happen, the plans for fake dating and then it finally happened after 80%. The actual “erotica” took place after the 90% mark and the scenes were very tame.

When I received this e-ARC from NetGalley, I was so excited. In fact, I was given four books and was most excited about this book. Even staying up late both nights to read, expecting the “good part” to be in the next chapter, it just never seemed to happen.

I did enjoy the first few chapters where the characters were developed. Tate and Scarlett were likeable and well-developed. Their stories were getting me excited for the rest of the story, which was the reason I stayed up late to get to the “good stuff.”

I would have preferred more spice and more action throughout the book. There was so much talk about what was going to happen, but not enough of what actually happened. The book did not end of a cliff hanger.

This book might be good for new adults, young college aged folks that are new to romance or erotica as it is very mild and tame.

Based on the category of “erotica,” I cannot give more than two stars.
Based on my personal scoring system of “spice,” I am giving this book two chili pepper emojis as there are semi-descriptive sex scenes. These scenes are very mild, making this a good book for beginners.

Thank you
Thank you to NetGalley and Black Stone Publishing for allowing me the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.

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