Lonely for You Only, a Review

Taylor Ellison
2 min readDec 8, 2023
Lonely for You Only, Monica Murphy

Scarlett is an heiress to a billionaire fortune, she is a social media influencer and is having a huge 18th birthday party bash. She hopes daddy hired One Direction to perform at her birthday party, but they were unavailable. Instead, daddy hires Tate, a former boy band member (who seemingly fell off the face of the earth) to perform. The night of the party, Tate and Scarlett share a kiss that goes viral.

The viral kiss sparks rumors of dating, which has been great for the re-start Tate’s career and Scarlett’s following count has more than doubled overnight. This leads to a fake dating relationship where they are both benefitting from the publicity. Over the next six weeks, with forced proximity, Tate and Scarlett realize they have true feelings.

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My Opinion
With a book labeled “erotica,” I expected more than two mild sex scenes. I expected sex in the first few chapters, but they didn’t even have physical contact (aside from kissing) until after the 80% mark. There was so much talk about what was going to happen, the plans for fake dating and then it finally happened after 80%. The actual “erotica” took place after the 90% mark and the scenes were very tame.



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