Timeline of Lindsay Clancy’s Murders

For *Alleged* Murders of Her Three Children

Taylor Ellison
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Lindsay Clancy, 32 year-old, Duxbury mother, accused of killing her three children, Cora, age 5; Dawson, age 3 and Callan, 8 months made her first court appearance via Zoom.

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Tuesday, February 7, Plymouth County Prosecutors brought charges, including First Degree Murder in the deaths of Cora and Dawson, strangulation and suffocation, assault and battery with a deadly weapon as it was discovered that an exercise band was used to strangle all three children.

The Commonwealth requested bail be revoked based on the “strength of the Commonwealth’s case.”

The Commonwealth alleged that Lindsay planned the murders based on the following timeline:

Tuesday, January 24, A.M.

Lindsay Clancy took five-year-old daughter, Cora Clancy to the pediatrician. The receptionist and doctor noted that Lindsay interacted with the office staff without incident. It was reported that Lindsay did not exhibit any behavior that were of concern and was able to leave the appointment with Cora.

Upon returning from the pediatrician, Lindsay took Cora and Dawson outside to play in the snow. They built a snowman, photos were sent from Lindsay to her husband, Patrick, who was inside, working from home on Tuesday, January 24.

4:02 P.M.

The term Kid’s Miralax was searched on Lindsay’s phone.

4:13 P.M.

Immediately after searching takeout Three V Restaurant, Apple Maps was used to search the time it would take to drive from her home in Duxbury to Three V Restaurant in Plymouth.

4:47 P.M.

Lindsay’s phone was used to search the CVS website, then called CVS in Kingston where she spoke to the manager to ask if they carried Miralax for children.

The manager of CVS told Lindsay they did not carry children’s Miralax, but had similar medications in stock. According to the Manager, Lindsay did not sound impaired and her speech was not slurred. The Manager indicated to authorities that the conversation was “perfectly normal.”

4:53 P.M.



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