How You Get the Girl, A Review

Taylor Ellison
2 min readJan 11, 2024
How You Get the Girl, Anita Kelly

Julie is a beloved high school women’s basketball coach. Julie meets her childhood role model, Elle, when Julie realizes Elle is the caregiver of one of Julie’s students/basketball players.

I’ve read friends to lovers and enemies to lovers, but never fangirl to lovers. Julie and Elle go from fangirl to co-coaches, then co-coaches to lovers as Julie learns to navigate her sexuality and identity as a queer person as an adult or “late bloomer.”

My Opinion
This book is labeled as Sapphic romance and while it does fall into the romance category, this novel really seems to be more of a “coming-of-age” as the characters are learning to navigate their own lives, relationships, roles and identities.

How You Get the Girl is an important novel and a great representation for queer people, including older queer people otherwise known as “later bloomers.” I really think everyone should read this book as this book comes at a great time for the queer community.

I loved the character development and found this book to be character-driven as Julie and Elle push each other toward being themselves and being comfortable within their own identity.

4 Stars; I will be recommending this book to my friends and followers as this is a very important book.



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