Children Killed by Mothers

The Lindsay Clancy Story

Taylor Ellison
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This story contains the concept of Infanticide. Based on the Oxford Dictionary, Infanticide is the intentional killing of an infant child, specifically by the Mother. Please click here and here to learn more about the psychology behind the concept.

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Around 6p.m. on January 24, Patrick Clancy, called 911 after he returned home with takeout dinner, to find his wife, Lindsay Clancy, 32, injured after she jumped out of a second story window of the family’s home.

Duxbury’s first responders entered the home to find three children, Cora, age 5; Dawson, age 3 and 8-month-old Callan, unconscious and with visible signs of trauma. It appeared all three children had been strangled.

Cora and Dawson were pronounced dead after they were transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth. Callan was flown to Boston’s Children’s Hospital and was on life support until he died on January 27.

After strangling her three young children, Lindsay, a labor and delivery nurse, jumped out of the window in an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Lindsey is currently being treated for her injuries.

The Plymouth County District Attorney announced that Lindsay will be charged with the murder of her three children, assault with a deadly weapon and strangulation.

Lindsay will appear via Zoom on Tuesday, February 7, for an arraignment.

According to Patrick Clancy, Lindsay was on leave from her job as a labor and delivery nurse. Following the birth of Callan, Patrick began working from home as it became apparent that Lindsay was struggling to cope with post partum depression.

Patrick reports that Lindsay was under the care of a physician and taking 13 different medications since giving birth to Callan, all prescribed to treat post partum depression, anxiety and psychosis.

While we may not currently have ways to prevent post partum depression and psychosis, it’s incredible to see the outpouring of support from the community to the Clancy family.

More than twenty years ago, in 2001, Texas mom, Andrea Yates confessed to drowning her children in an episode of psychosis. She has later been sentenced to a psychiatric hospital…



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