Arizona Missing Teen, Alicia Navarro

Taylor Ellison
5 min readJul 19, 2021

Alicia Navarro, Arizona Teen Missing Since September 2019.


Being both a mother and a follower of True Crime, I consider myself to be acutely aware of True Crime cases involving children, whether they’re missing or have been tragically murdered. This case I want to discuss today, however, has been ongoing for nearly two years and within blocks of my home, but it was not until Kendall Rae, a YouTube creator and Podcast host shared the case in July 2021. There are a few things that jump out at me that should be discussed below based on what you have read above, including concerns about media coverage and my theories.

Before I go any further, Alicia was reportedly lured from her Phoenix home on September 15, 2019 where she lived with her mother, Jessica. While Jessica believes she left on her own accord, she does not feel it was without assistance or grooming as Jessica reports Alicia to be a teen with high functioning Autism and was age 14 at the time of her disappearance.

Jessica believes her daughter was manipulated into relationship with an online stranger to the point where Alicia felt comfortable leaving home without her mother, Apple MacBook in tow and the intention to return home.

Upon discovery of the written letter on the morning of September 15, 2019, Jessica searched the property for clues as to Alicia’s location and found shoe prints matching that of Alicia near the back gate with a ramp-like structure to allow for exit. Law enforcement was notified, issuing a Silver Alert and falls under the leadership of Detective Mario Sanchez with the Glendale Police Department.

Size-matched shoes near the back gate and a hand-written note, indicates to me there was nota struggle. Jessica also agrees that Alicia left on her own, but believes that based on the quality of the handwriting that Alicia left in a hurry under the luring of an online predator. It is not clear if Jessica has been able to retrieve the MacBook Recovery data from Apple, any messages sent through iMessages or social media platforms used on the MacBook. Additionally, Glendale Police Department has not shared any new information in the case.

According to Kendall Rae, Alicia’s photo, including the sweatshirt she was last seen wearing and other descriptive details were…



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